WUMPSCUT Dried Blood & Gomorra LP RED VINYL 2021 LTD.300 (VÖ 16.04)

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Title: Dried Blood & Gomorra
Format: LP Red Vinyl
Limited Edition of 300 copies
Year: 16.04.2021
Label: Betonkopf Media (BKM ETAH177)

[Dried Blood]
A1 Black Death
A2 Dying Culture
A3 Body Parts 
A4 Funeral Diner
A5 Dried Blood

B1 Untermensch
B2 In the Night
B3 Crucified Division
B4 Turns off Pain


Limited edition of 300 copies, LP on RED Coloured Vinyl, featuring the 2 long deleted EPs.
‘Dried Blood’ was released in 1994 by ANT-ZEN (Ikon 1). 'Gomorra' was released the same year and was the first ever release (Etah 1) on :Wumpscut:'s own 'Beton Kopf Media'-Label (the :W:- Debut Album "Music for a slaugthering Tribe' was released by VUZ Records the year before). The 9 tracks of the 2 EPs served as a bridge between the debut-album, and the second longplayer 'Bunkertor 7'.

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