WINTER SEVERITY INDEX Disgelo CD Digipack 2022

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Title: Disgelo

CD Digipack

Year: 04.03.2022
Label: Manic Depression
Tracklist:         01 Solar Cycle 25
02 State of Matter
03 Fernweh
04 The Tide
05 Golden Age / Labyrinth of Memories
06 Cause and Effect
07 Another Woman
08 Un Roseau Pensant
Info: Winter Severity Index comes with its third Studio Album with a new approach in composition, renovated inspirations but the same attention to sound research. A massive presence of synths, played by both Simona and Alessandra, no more bass guitar and rare guitar phrases with the familiar Simona's liquid new wave sound, as a sort of trademark of the project. The name of the album, deliberately in Italian to underline the intimate and personal urge of expression of its contents by the two musicians, is connected with the idea of change. DISGELO (Thaw but also detente) is about the necessity of adaptation to new phases that unavoidably occur in everyone's existence. This process emerges in all its difficulties but also in its fascinating aspects : farewells, passages of time, death, cosmic cycles, climate changes, but also the insuppressible urge of discovery and confrontation, the opening to love and new relationships, everything related with putting ourselves under question with the unavoidable consequence of a deeper self awareness and a true admission of responsibility in our choices.
The Album was composed and recorded mostly before the pandemic period and already presented as live preview in Cologne, Madrid and Stockholm with great appreciation by the audience.