WHISPERING SONS Endless Party CD Digipack 2019

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Endless Party


CD Digipack

Year: 2019
Label: Whispering Sons
Tracklist:         1. Shadow
2. Midlife
3. Time
4. The Night
5. Insights
6. Wall

CD-Version in colour Digipack, including all lyrics on the inside. The CD features the same 6 tracks as on the Vinyl. The first CD versions were on DAFT Records.

First released in December 2015 on WOOL-E Tapes, this release is where it all started - the unstoppable success of the amazing Belgian project! Picked-up by Dirk Ivens’ ‘Minimal Maximal’ label in March 2016, the first print on Vinyl was completely sold at ONE single concert, and a second re-print LP+CD was sold out within nothing too. ‘Endless Party’ is thus the fastest and best-selling release on Minimal Maximal EVER – a number of re-prints followed on Minimal Maximal and on Daft (CD versions) but all sold out for years!

WHISPERING SONS is an extremely hot Belgian post-punk / New Wave band. Their very atmospheric sound is dark and ominous and breathes desperation and nervosity.

In 2016, the band won Humo's Rock Rally, one of Belgium's most prestigious national contests that boosted the career of upcoming artists such as dEUS, halfway through the nineties. After that, Whispering Sons has been touring Belgium and Europe extensively, establishing a strong live reputation. They released their first full-lenght album 'Image' on SMILE Records in October 2018 and toured extensively with The Soft Moon and as Headlining act since.


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