UV POP Sound of Silence CD Digipack 2022

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Title: Sound of Silence
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 29.07.2022
Label: Young & Cold
Tracklist:         01 Unconfidential
02 Floodgate
03 Sirens
04 You're the only One
05 Mr. Parkinson
06 Black City
07 Someone like You
08 Open E
09 Made of Stone
10 New Dimension
11 Black City Reprise
12 The Man who haunted Himself
13 Mr. Mystery
14 Sound of Silence
Info: The British industrial town of Sheffield was home for the most outstanding, early Electronic acts: The Human League, ClockDVA, Heaven 17, Cabaret Voltaire, Hula and... UV PØP!

Happy anniversary! This new album marks the 40th anniversary of UV POP! This latest CD „Sound of Silence“ features 14 new tracks representing the whole variable scale of what UV Pop is all about: driving „Fall“-esque post-punk pieces, off-the-wall minimal and monotonous tunes, beautiful indie-guitar songs with a voice often reminiscent of David Bowie. Recent live favourites like „Mister Mystery“ and „Black City“ are also included. These days UV Pop is back to being a solo project using backing tracks and having a bass player live. 40 years of UV Pop, it’s an obsession to be continued, John is already working on the next album…!

Four decades… it all started back in the days with the home-recorded „The Cellar Tapes“ cassette followed by the first single and album both called „No Songs Tomorrow“ who have become collectors‘ items and classics in the minimal synth & wave genre. UV Pop coming out of the legendary 80’s Sheffield music scene the influences of that time can’t be overheard and the first single was produced by Cabaret Voltaire. Various acclaimed EP’s, 12-inches and albums followed, the song „Serious“ probably being UV Pop’s biggest 80’s hit. The project went from being the solo-act of John K. White to a band project with various members over the time, playing gigs all over the UK and Europe and also played NY invited by the Sacred Bones record label who reissued the first album in 2012. Further reissues have followed since by genetic music incl. the classic second album „Bendy Baby Man“ and also „The Cellar Tapes“. The most recent release came out on genetic music in 2017 and was a double CD including a remastered version of the previously self-released „In Your Skin“ album plus the as yet unreleased album „Stop The World“.
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