UNROYAL This is louder LIMITED CD Digipack 2022

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Title: This is louder
Format: CD Digipack
Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies!
Year: 30.09.2022
Label: Progress Productions
Tracklist:         01 After Life 
02 Tom 
03 Burn Your Records 
04 Victoria Square 
05 The Story of Us
06 The Cruelest Design 
07 Amoral & Law 
08 The Other Side of Me 
09 The Dancing Dead
10 Shapes of Daylight
Info: Unroyal from the northern parts of Sweden is a duo with members Adam Olofsson & Henrik Oja. "This Is Louder" is the bands second album but the first to be released via Progress Productions. Unroyal can best be described as melodic and romantic electronic pop. You find an equal amount of modern sounds, mixed with beautiful 80s filled melodies on here. Add a worldclass singer and a production which is top notch to it, and you are close to Unroyal! Unroyal stands out from all the ordinary "scene"-acts with their own unique touch. The first digital singles from the album have all been very well recived. Many people talk about them as "the next big thing on Progress Productions". Anyone that likes De/Vision, Mesh, Visage and similar act, finally have a brand new name to add to their list: Unroyal.