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Title: Kill your Idols
Format: Limited LP Vinyl
Year: 2023
Label: Fleisch
Tracklist:         A1 Can You believe it [5:06]
A2 Kill Your Idols [4:31]
A3 Set Yourself on Fire [5:02]

B1 The Great Escape [5:02]
B2 The Speed [4:34]
B3 Can You believe it (Kris Baha Remix) [6:58]
Info: 'Kill Your Idols' hardened the tone and planted the flag of a new generation that thirsts to write its own history. The tracks offer a fierce reflection on our time with the desire to make a clean sweep of the past while embarking anyone who feels carried by this pure energy and this thirst for freedom and renewal.
From the Brussels studio, the songs are designed to be danced and sung live like hymns that make the duo and the audience come together as a single and invincible voice. The 5 original tracks are accompanied by an arrangement by the remix master, DJ and producer Kris Baha, who offers an irresistible version of the first single 'Can You believe it'.

ULTRA SUNN is a contemporary band from Brussels, formed in 2019. Their debut EP on Oràculo (2021) got a lot of attention: Sam's deep and dark voice unfolds over Gaelle’s carefully tailored setup of analog synthesizers and industrial drum machines. The couple is haunted by a Coldwave / EBM energy. Their ‘Body Electric’ EP on Cold Transmission was one of the most successful releases on that label, only topped by last years’ ‘Night is Mine (Vorwärts Edition)”. For influences, the duo refers to Coldwave and EBM-acts such as Schwefelgelb, DAF, Boy Harsher, Kontravoid or Front 242.