TWILIGHT RITUAL 1982-2020 LIMITED 2CD+DVD Digipack 2021

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Title: 1982-2020
Format: Limited edition of strictly 75 copies worldwide!
Double CD + DVD with 15 music Video (NTSC, Region Zone Free) in 6-panel digipak!
Year: 05.11.2021
Label: Wave Records
Tracklist:         CD1
01 Amorphous Materials
02 Surrounded
03 Death of Marat
04 Uomo Moderno
05 Fading Me
06  Ever Changes
07 Show Him out
08 The Glass Face
09 The Suburban Wasteland
10 They are We
11 UMS
12 Nothing but cool
13 Only You
14 Black Track
15 Wired to the Machines
16 Ups & Downs
19 Smell of Oil
20 Close to the End

01 Splintered Images
02 Closed Circuit
03 What are Rooms for?
04 WebbMen
05 Visions of Steel
06 Receiving the Stigma
07 Monoland
08 My Delay
09 Same November
10 Your Intrigue
11 Humanoid
12 She told Me Lies
13 M.A.N.
14 Tears on the Wall
15 The Waking Dream
16 I never called You a Dream

Videoclips on DVD:
01 Amorphous Materials
02 Battersea Power Station
03 Caroline
04 Coffee with Cream
05 Fear for loosing You
06 Fluid Dark
07 Meanwhile on the first Floor
08 Message
09 What are Rooms for
10 She is Gun
11 The Factory Screem
12 The Glass Face
13 The waking Dream
14 They are We
15 Vertigo (Realm of delayed Mirrors)
Info: Amazing ‘Best of’-Compilation for one of the pioneers of Belgian darkwave/coldwave/synthwave! Geert Coppens and Peter Bonne started the band AUTUMN in 1981 and in 1982 they moved to TWILIGHT RITUAL project, that recorded not less than 9 albums and 2 singles.
In 1985, Peter Bonne aka Chrismar Chayell founded A Split Second with Marc Ickx, and Twilight Ritual stayed as second plane for years.... The iconic album RITUALS, including the hit CLOSED CIRCUIT was a rare item to find in the 80s and 90s.

Twilight Ritual was born in Geert's mind during the first Autumn years. It was building integrity, clearer identity, admittance of mistery and surreal impressions. During Autumn recording sessions, musical style and experiment varied strongly, which is recognized in the various tape releases. However, some tracks had clearly more 'spirit' or 'personality' than others. It became clear that a new project was born out of Autumn: Twilight Ritual.
Geert Coppens and Peter Bonne have been involved in countless projects, featuring quite different musical styles. The spirit of Twilight Ritual lingers on beneath the work of Autumn through A Split Second. The work of Twilight Ritual is diverse, yet concise. The Twilight Ritual work in the eighties inspired many other musicians, and became known throughout the world - the original RITUALS album is now a collector’s item. This compilation contains 34 songs from all Twilight Ritual phases, from their very first beginning in 1982 through to 2020.

Twilight Ritual - with that specific sound between dark and electro - was a big influence for many of bands after year 1985 in the alternative scene and this package is a BASIC must be for all collectors of Electro/80s Wave!
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