TOURDEFORCE Vargtimmar CD Digipack 2021

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CD Digipack

Year: 15.01.2021
Label: Space Race Records (EK Product)

01 Le dernier des Bellini  
02 A Hero for his Son  
03 For our lost Empire  
04 You Ass Rah 'El
05 Nemo Propheta in Patria  
06 Nowhere Street  
07 Too many Words  
08 Ich vermisse Dich
09 The last Song (Quiet)  
10 The great Replacement  
11 I am Providence  
12 Hey Julie
13 The wandering Vampire


Wondeful new album by the Italian solo-act TourdeForce of brilliant and eclectic mastermind Christian Ryder. ‘Vargtimmar’ represents a further advancement in the technological style of the project, which since its distant beginnings has been characterized by a remarkable conceptual intelligence and melodic electronics - introducing now further elements that in some chapters make the musics more aggressive and acidly alienating. The 13 tracks are a succession of different emotions and extraordinary sonic perceptions, in which we can find the unmistakable, harmonious, melancholic beauty of synthpoppish harmonies, danceable dynamism of EBM and some romantically neoclassical interludes, occasionally combined with electric and heavy power of industrial-electro rock ingredients, resulting all in a triumph of energy and incisiveness. "Vargtimmar" is yet another evolution for TourdeForce, a multifaceted, immersive and soulful album that perfectly reflects the soul of outsider Christian Ryder, one of the most inspired explorers of Italian alternative electronic scene.

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