TOUR THE FORCE Compendium Vol. 1 CD Digipack 2022

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Title: Compendium Vol. 1

CD Digipack

Year: 10.06.2022
Label: Space Race Records / EK Product
Tracklist:         01 Falling in the Dark 
02 Masterplan (Foretaste remix)
03 I am the Phoenix (Syrian remix)
04 Modern Affair (Luca Urbani remix) 
05 What you wanna do with your Life (Dekad remix)
06 Stagioni (Porta Vittoria remix) 
07 Atras 
08 Dancing Days (C.Parodi mix by TourdeForce)
09 One July Night 
10 Look straight ahead 
11 Save Me (feat. Nova Pulsar) 
12 Light
13 Marry Me (demo) 
14 Falling in the Dark (demo)
Info: The Italian project TourdeForce, personified by Christian Ryder, has always distinguished itself in the electro scene for the excellent ability to combine sonic experimentation, high – and sometimes courageous - meaning in contents, captivating melodism and a particular imprint in sound, that has made it instantly recognizable.
"Compendium, Vol. 1" includes an amazing selection of fourteen songs made between 2009 and 2013 during the "Colours in Life" era, some of them masterfully remixed for this special occasion by prestigious names from the electronic scene such as Syrian, Foretaste, Luca Urbani and Dekad. Those artists also appear as special guests by adding extra vocals to their reworks, providing a unique listening experience.
But the CD also features brand-new mixes, rare and unreleased tracks such as "Falling in the Dark" (thought to be lost for years, produced in 2012 for the Japanese Eurobeat market), one track featuring Nova Pulsar (Ecuador) and two delightful demo versions. A grandiose parade of Electrowave, Synthpop and Electropop with the aim of entertaining from beginning to the end. "Compendium, Vol. 1" proudly celebrates the virtues of TourdeForce, providing a first, thoughtful synthesis of the parallel universe in which the solid creativity of Christian Ryder ranges. A collection of avant-garde electro frescoes simply not to be missed.
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