THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS Island of Jewels CD 2021

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Title: Island of Jewels
Format: CD
Year: 27.08.2021
Label: Metropolis
Tracklist:         1. Tower 6
2. The Red and the Black
3. The Diary
4. Emblem Parade
5. Jewel On An Island
6. Rattlesnake Arena
7. The Shock of Contact
8. Jewel In the Crown
9. Our Lady In Chambers
10. Our Lady In Kharki
11. Our Lady In Darkness
12. The Guardians of Eden
13. Curious Guy
14. Premonition 16
15. Love On A Pale Green
16. Postage Stamp
17. Our Lady By Twilight
18. No Bell No Prize (Version Rediculous)
19. Premonition 12
20. The Black and the Red
21. This Could Be the End (Alternative)
Info: Originally released in 1986 and considered a A more "serious" release, with themes of war and politics, Island of Jewels ranks among the more accessible releases in the vast catalog of The Legendary Pink Dots. Focusing more on songwriting than on studio wizardry or sonic experiments, interesting industrial sounds and memorable melodies abound. Remastered.
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