THE CEMETARY GIRLZ Smoke my Brain [limited Black] LP VINYL 2024

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Title: Smoke my Brain
Format: LP Black Vinyl
Limited Edition
Year: 17.05.2024
Label: Manic Depression
Tracklist:         A1 Sarabanda (Part I)
A2 Sarabanda (Part II)
A3 Death has tasted Blood
A4 Reflection
A5 Chimères
A6 Sleeping Screams

B1 Broken Teeth
B2 Trash Spirit
B3 La Morte
B4 Le Masque - Le Visage
B5 I was born… (to be cold)
Info: Re-release - for the first time EVER on Vinyl - of one of the best selling ‘early’ releases on Manic Depression – few  months after the recent new album ‘L’Envol du Corbeau’! Originally released in 2009, ‘Smoke my Brain’ was a massive success, both for the artist and the label, but has been unavailable since 2016.

Original announcement from our NL585 (June 2009): The Cemetary Girlz are a highly promising, new Batcave/Deathrock/Post Punk influenced band, absolutly twisted and efficent (…). "Smoke my brain", their first full-album is a vision of today's world, sincere and original, full of unease, reflected by the melancholic guitars of Little Spigaou and the roaring bass lines by Romeo, accompanied by the special vocals of Alien S Pagan. Beyond their purely musical influences, The Cemetary Girlz have inherited the decadent and tortured spirit of the fathers of Batcave, as a (small) grain of madness that makes the music of this band authentic, powerful, inhabited!