TERMINAL The new Republic CD 2023

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Title: The new Republic
Format: CD
Year: 15.09.2023
Label: Metropolis Records
Tracklist:         01 Asymmetric Warfare
02 The Sin of the Sanctified
03 Smart Weapons
04 Did we ask for Truth
05 [Redacted]
06 Don't be taken alive
07 The New Republic
08 Paradoxical Reactions
09 Fall of the Reign
10 Dirty River [Necrosis]
11 Testify
12 Disproportionate Response
13 Rise
Info: Follow-up to the critically-acclaimed debut album “Blacken the Skies” (2021), The Terminal formula of industrial glam has been updated with "more industrial, more glam." Thomas Mark Anthony makes his case for being the genre's best lyricist, weaving grand themes of power, zealotry and corruption through complex rhyme and anthemic choruses. Picking up where the previous album left off in its excoriation of society's dangerous hypocrites, the first line of lyrics on the new album is "How many guns would Jesus buy?" Plato's Republic provides the album's title and its theme--that an unjust society is a doomed society, that democracy in itself is no defense against demagogues or tyrants. The Goth community will find much to like here with Anthony's sonorous baritone more prominent in the mix and lyrics pondering existential themes of religion and mortality.
The album is dedicated to Dave Heckman, founder of Metropolis Records, who died unexpectedly and far too young last year...