TC75 Tracks II 2 LIMITED CD 2023

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Title: Tracks 2
Format: CD
Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies!
Year: 30.06.2023
Label: Razgrom Music
Tracklist:         01 Sun (Single Version)
02 So cold Inside
03 Words
04 Sun (Frozen Plasma Remix)
05 Sun (Wesenberg Rework)
06 Sun (Martin Bodewell Remix)
07 Sun (Extended)
08 Suffer (Single Version)
09 I miss You 10 Pain
11 Suffer (Sponge Over Remix by PYRROLINE)
12 Suffer (g.o.l.e.m. Version)
13 Suffer (ner.ogris Remix)
14 Suffer (WU¨LF7 TormentMix)
15 The Voice in Your Head (Remaster)
16 Rooms (Monsieur Desastreux Remix)
17 We won’t help them to forget
Info: TC75 is the popular solo project of Tino Claus (AMNISTIA, NER.OGRIS, MRDTC, etc.). Cold, minimalistic and energetic old school EBM and classic electro-industrial have always been the main components of the TC75 sound and ensured the project's steady success in the under- ground music scene (participation in NCN festivals, BIMfest, joint shows with DIVE, etc.)
The first part of the "Tracks" compilation was released on Razgrom in 2017 – this is Part II in the series and it includes again A-sides and B-sides from 2021-2022 digital singles and EPs, rare tracks and remixes from projects such as FROZEN PLASMA, PYRROLINE, NER.OGRIS, Martin Bodewell (ORANGE SECTOR), Krishan Wesenberg (ROTERSAND) and more!