TC75 Popmusesick CD 2020 LTD.300

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Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies

Year: 16.10.2020
Label: Razgrom

01 In the long Run we are all dead
02 Desire
03 What you don't know
04 Swear to God
05 Heart Thief
06 Back in the Place
07 Then came the Rain
08 Save Face
09 Rooms
10 Pressure
11 Obituary


Time passes quickly - it seems like yesterday, when Tino Claus (frontman of AMNISTIA,  MRDTC) released the debut EP of his solo project TC75, and now he already presents his fourth album! Following "Tracks" (a compilation of first material), the full-length album "Tension" and the remix- album "Morphed", here comes the eloquently titled album "Popmusesick"! Yes, this is, of course, «music» (but very specific - cold, evil, industrial), it is quite ‘little’ «pop» (cool melodies everywhere here) and it’s definitely «sick» (because it is filled with not the most ‘positive’ emotions). However, these ingredients have always been inherent for TC75’s sound, that was always based on so-called «Belgian-school» EBM with cold beats, elastic rhythmic pulsations, deliberate minimalism and powerful emotions (recall the works of THE KLINIK, DIVE, FRONT 242, VOMITO NEGRO and etc.). The most ambitious and monumental part of "Popmusesick" is the final 40-minute track "Obituary", featuring Dirk Ivens (DIVE), Martin Sane & Persephoniis Phoenix (FIX8: SED8), Emese Árvai-Illés (BLACK NAIL CABARET), James Mendez (JIHAD), Patrik Lev (DEPRESSIVE DISORDER), Schmoun (PYRROLINE), Jens Plesner (NO SLEEP BY THE MACHINE), Lauro Guedes Junior (KFACTOR), Jan Dewulf (MILDREDA) and many more!

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