sToa Urthona LIMITED CD 2023

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Title: Urthona
Format: CD
Strictly limited to 300 copies
Year: 01.12.2023
Label: Alice in…
Tracklist:         01 Candide
02 Autumn
03 Infant Joy
04 Spin
05 In Memoriam
06 Stoa
07 Captivity
08 Dust
09 (N)Ever
10 Taumel
11 Hommage
Info: Originally released in 1992 on Hyperium Records, ‘Urthona’ was one of the first albums, that was labeled as a ‘Heavenly Voices’ release – a term ‘invented’ by Hyperium owner Olli Rösch and that was used by countless bands since. ‘Urthona’ was selling more than 14.000 copies worldwide and was a milestone in the young ‘heavenly voices’-movement. sToa 1992 were composer/musician Olaf Parusel and female vocalist Conny Levrow. Both have extensive classical training, which is quite effectively reflected in their music. Conny is an accomplished violinist, but her involvement with Stoa is mostly vocal in nature. Olaf provides the accompaniment and composes the pieces they perform. A masterpiece of art! The album was remastered and re-released already in 2004 – but is deleted since 2006