sToa Silmand LIMITED CD 2023

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Title: Silmand
Format: CD
Strictly limited to 300 copies
Year: 01.12.2023
Label: Alice in…
Tracklist:         01 Sakrileg 
02 Broken Glass 
03 La Lune Blanche 
04 Daar 
05 Iter Devium 
06 My Last Way
07 Palldium [Night] 
08 Ways 
09 Modesty 
10 Hanuz Nist 
11 A Drinking Song
12 So many Clouds 
13 Tacitum
Info: The 4th and last album by sToa was released in 2008, and was the first new sign from sToa in 7 years! The sToa mastermind stayed true to himself with his fourth album: Besides the usual melancholy, unusual pop rhythms found their way on the various albums, but the typical sToa sound is still distinct. The vocal lines harbour some surprises as well. For once there’s the angelic voice of singer Mandy Bernhardts, known from the live performances of the band; on the other hand, the voices of three guest singers sound on Silmand: Australian multi-instrumentalist Louisa John Krol, the Dutchman Peter Nooten (ex-Clan of Xymox) and Ralf Jehnert, from legendary Heavenly Voices act Love is Colder than Death!
With Silmand sToa created an album for the calmer moments in life, for cuddling, to get lost in thoughts, to philosophize. The sound of sToa deludes to seek the inner sadness and to fly away with it on angel wings. The dark side of the human soul is unveiled, without falling into clichés. The melancholy gets touched and the soul gets musically caressed.