sToa Porta VIII LIMITED CD 2023

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Title: Porta VIII
Format: CD
Strictly limited to 300 copies
Year: 01.12.2023
Label: Alice in…
Tracklist:         01 Introitus
02 Partus
03 Urthona
04 Luvah
05 Tharmas
06 Urizen
07 Scrupus
08 Mors
09 Conclusio
Info: Two years after the impressive resonance sToa received on their first album ‘Urthona’, it seemed almost impossible for Olaf and Conny to top the quality of their debut. But with ‘Porta VIII’ they surely succeeded to record a more than worthy follow-up. ‘Porta VIII’ was one of the bestselling Hyperium albums of all times and got overwhelming reviews literally everywhere! This CD is an album with a concept based on the fairy tale "Ariadne et Barbe Bleue" by Maurice Maeterlinck. But Porta VIII is a continuation of the original fairy tale. The album is considered to be true classic, was selling extremely well in all kind of countries worldwide and even entered the Mexican charts! Also Porta VIII was remastered and re-released in 2004, but is sold out since 2006