STENDECK Carnage CD Digipack 2021

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Title: Carnage

CD Digipack

Year: 16.07.2021
Label: hymen
Tracklist:         1. Ceremony of Innocence 
2. Thirteen Wolves Mass Conspiracy 
3. New Dark Age
4. Somewhere Nobody knows 
5. The lost Gardens of Heligan 
6. Streams of Oblivion
7. The Downstairs Room
8. Carnage (dans les Brumes de la Haine) 
9. Red Neon
10. Eyeless Creatures gently stifle the Ivy Lady
11. Queen of Beauty tragic Obsession 
12. The deviating Harmony of Catastrophes
13. On the Shore of the dying Sun we will find temporary Peace
Info: STENDECK, an artist based in Lugano Switzerland, is an electronic music act fronted by Alessandro Zampieri and heavily associated with the industrial music scene. He has released a number of highly regarded albums on Geska Records and Tympanik Audio - but there was no new release since 2015! Stendeck's new album is a dizzying crescendo of emotions, an electronic symphony surrendered by bombast and bluster and a violent break of everything. Stendeck's ability to craft rich, woofer-rumbling electronic soundscapes and slick technoid-electro cuts delivers those goods, is clearly a result from a complex writing procedure based upon a quest to create unique sound treatments. With pure artistic beauty and grace, the dramatic tone and cinematic scale are enriched with the charismatic vocals of Kristi Lyn Scaccia and the voices of the “Les Voix Obscures” choir and takes the music to whole new heights. It's a special treat of temporary peace; in search of oneself - for catharsis.
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