STAR INDUSTRY Iron Dust Crush LP CLEAR VINYL 2020 LTD.100 (VÖ 04.12)

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Iron Dust Crush


LP Clear Vinyl
Limitiert auf 100 Stück

Year: 04.12.2020
Label: alfa matrix
Tracklist:         01. Nineties
02. Carry Me
03. Crush
04. Egypt
05. Ceremonial
06. Sodium Haze
07. Bloodmoon
08. Be Real
09. Lady Daylight
10. Children

Alfa Matrix received 100 copies of this amazing vinyl edition of STAR INDUSTRY’s cult debut album “Iron Dust Crush”.  Initially planned as a special fan product exclusively available during the band’s tour and nowhere else, the COVID19 pandemic decided otherwise…

Due to the cancellation of so many concerts and festivals in 2020, we decided together with the band that the STAR INDUSTRY fans should not wait any longer.  We are therefore making this exclusive clear vinyl edition available via our official Alfa Matrix e-shop and some selected partner web-stores. We expect these 100 copies to sell-out very fast. Do not wait too long!

Originally released in 1997, “Iron Dust Crush” is not only STAR INDUSTRY’s debut full length album holding the major new wave club hit “Nineties”, but it also became one of the few classic gothic rock albums ever next to big names of the 80’s such as THE SISTERS OF MERCY, THE FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM or yet THE MISSION.

Since then, the Belgian gang is currently working on their 6th studio album and has been performing live across the globe from Europe to China through the USA and Mexico and shared the stage with artists such as MARILYN MANSON, PARADIE LOST, WITHIN TEMPTATION, FRONT 242, PRAGA KHAN,  THE PRODIGY, SISTERS OF MERCY, NIGHTWISH, FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN, HIM, KILLING JOKE, VNV NATION, THE HUMAN LEAGUE and many more.

A must-have collector vinyl item that every true STAR INDUSTRY fan should have in his/her collection…

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