SPHERICAL DISRUPTED 25 (Past) 2CD Digipack 2021

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25 (Past)

Format: 2CD Digipack


Label: audiophob

1-01 Spherical Disrupted - Accretion Disc (Terminal Mix)
1-02 Spherical Disrupted - Solar Luminosity (Terminal Mix)
1-03 Spherical Disrupted - Through Homunculus Nebula (Terminal Mix)
1-04 Spherical Disrupted - Yderligere Oplysninger
1-05 Spherical Disrupted - Monasteria
1-06 Spherical Disrupted - Cavity Block (Not The :W: Master)
1-07 Spherical Disrupted - Ghost Of Jupiter (Nebula Mix)
1-08 Spherical Disrupted - DTLF (Lambversion)
1-09 Spherical Disrupted - DTLF (Autismversion)
1-10 Bloody Dead and Sexy - Fingers (Part I: Phalanx Proximalis)
1-11 Bloody Dead and Sexy - Fingers (Part II: Phalanx Media)
1-12 Bloody Dead and Sexy - Fingers (Part III: Phalanx Distalis)

2-01 Experimentum Crucis - Field Of Beauty (Wide Field Of Depth Mix)
2-02 Yipotash - Overrun (RunStopRestoration)
2-03 The Trial - Geisterfahrer (Crushed And Disposed)
2-04 KiEw - Zentrifuge (Inertia Mix)
2-05 Mimetic Dancing - Small Spherical (Extended Nova Stella Mix)
2-06 The_Empath - Second Earth (Down To The Ground Mix)
2-07 Xabec - No Disko (Transformed Completely)
2-08 Mandelbrot - Staring Holes Into Walls (Void.................................)
2-09 Still Patient? - Impact (MH1H-Mix)
Running Time: 150 min


Back in 1995, the first Spherical Disrupted tape release "Zerschellt, zersplittert" was published. 25 years later it is the best occasion to celebrate this long time span and that will happen with the new release "25" involving a lot of invited guests. The initial box release was sold pretty fast. The included CDs are now available separately. The double CD "25 (Past)" comes with new versions, compilation appearances and remixes for other projects (Bloody Dead And Sexy, Experimentum Crucis, Yipotash, The Trial, KiEw, Mimetic Dancing, The_Empath, Xabec, Mandelbrot, Still Patient?) from those 25 years. Most of these tracks are available on CD for the first time or are either unpublished or long out of stock.

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