SNAKESKIN Medusa's Spell CD Digipack 2020 (LACRIMOSA)

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Title: Medusa's Spell
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 07.02.2020
Label: Hall Of Sermon

01 Loaded Guns
02 Medusa
03 Once
04 Upon a Time
05 Move on
06 New Skin
07 Don't give up
08 Goodbye
09 Fu*k U 2
10 Recall IV

11 Fu*k U 2 (remix by [:SITD:]  
12 Medusa (Remix by Frozen Plasma) 
13 Medusa (Remix by SnakeSkin)
14 Upon a Time (Remix by Vasi Vallis)  
15 Goodbye (Remix by SnakeSkin)

Info: The ALL NEW Snakeskin-Album, Tilo Wolff’s electronic project! In 2004, Tilo founded SnakeSkin as a side project to release more experimental musical ideas outside of the Lacrimosa context. The debut album was called “Music for the lost”. The 2nd album “Canta’tronic”, which was released 2 years later, followed a sligthtly different concept: Instead of Tilo’s distorted voices, many of the songs are performed by Kerstin Doelle, a highly acclaimed German opera singer, which in combination with the harsh electronic music creates a very unique style. The 3rd SnakeSkin album “Tunes for my santiméa” was released in 2016. Whilst the musical concept remained true to it’s typical SnakeSkin style, the variety on the singers was increased: Apart from Kerstin Doelle’s fantastic opera voice and Tilo’s well-known distorted SnakeSkin-voices, Carina Boehmer was introduced as a 3rd singer to perform some songs on the album. LIVE premiere of SnakeSkin was during the Lacrimosa 2019 Timetravel world tour on some selected shows (in Russia & Mexico). The live crew was Tilo Wolff, Kerstin Doelle, Johannes Barth and Thomas Daverio (of Kartagon) – and these are – together with Lady Medusa – the New firm members of SnakeSkin 2020! Performed songs were “Etterna” and 2 unreleased songs (“New Skin” and “Recall IV”) which appear now, for the first time on this new, 4th SnakeSkin album.
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