Label: AVANT!

SKEMER Toasts & Sentiments [limited black] LP VINYL 2023

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Label: AVANT!

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Title: Toasts & Sentiments
Format: Regular black Vinyl, limited  to 400 copies!
Year: 17.11.2023
Label: Avant!
Tracklist:         A1 Eyelashes
A2 Seen
A3 Zegens
A4 Easy to embrace (feat. Gregory De Brauwer)
A5 Kiss Me Kill Me
A6 Used to You

B1 Overgave
B2 Out of Favor
B3 New born Babe
B4 Apocalypse
B5 Like Dolls
Info: After a hiatus of quite some time, the Belgian duo composed by the world renowned model Kim Peers and post-metal band Amenra’s guitarist Mathieu Vandekerckhove, is finally back with a new full-length album. Four years have passed since their debut “Benevolence”. Meanwhile Skemer took the time to let all sides of their personality grow and eventually explode.
You remember their minimalist cold wave deconstructions equally made of brutal and erotic components. A duality deeply rooted in the band’s music as well as in their line-up and obviously their live shows, where romantic and ethereal atmospheres collide with the gothic side of electronic and techno music.
This is even more present on their new LP Toasts & Sentiments.
Eleven new cuts where every side of Skemer’s nature gets its own share of expression only to leave you wrapped in one pitch black cloak. A few episodes in the duo's native language Dutch, add even more mystery to the occult receipt.
Get in the introspective, tranche insistent riff on the opening track “Eyelashes” and get catapulted, quite literally, on the dark side of the moon. Keep on wandering the alien surface with “Seen” and its solemn gait. Pick up your pace with the pounding drums of “Easy to embrace” and “Kiss Me Kill Me”. Go down the stairs to the dungeon of the club culture with lead singles “Overgave” and “Out of Favor” claustrophobic electro. Remain bogged down in the darkness with “New born Babe”, get slapped by “Apocalypse”s industrial trance crescendo. Rest and collapse with the final track’s texture of ambient synths and reverberating guitars.
It may have taken four years for Skemer to present their new creation but it was definitely worth the wait. Walk the night with us.