SERENA GABRIEL (featuring STEVE ROACH) Inanna's Dream CD Digipack 2020 LTD.500

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Inanna's Dream


CD Digipack
Limited edition of 500

Year: 11.09.2020
Label: SoundQuest Music
Tracklist:                  1. Serpentine 06:33
2. Inanna's Dream 08:11
3. Dunes Of Solace 15:59
4. Song Of Sending 12:34
5. The Gazing Pool 07:39
6. Changing Tides 49:06

Inanna’s Dream is a multi-instrumental ambient sonic odyssey of pure emotion and enchantment. Through the six electroacoustic offerings, feelings of yearning, vulnerability and epiphany are infused into a heart and soul stirring expression that accesses the collective well of human experience. The alchemical blend of archaic and contemporary musical techniques and instruments, including the voice, activate a powerful opening into sacred space.

The rich landscapes invoked by Inanna’s Dream are borne from a life deeply dedicated to music and the healing arts. Alongside her work in holistic medicine, Serena Gabriel has been intently exploring the interweave of ancient musical instrumentation with modern technology. Intention, physical movement and breath guide her path in the creative process. This dance of energy is expressed, for example, through the breathing bellows of the harmonium, the earth tones of the didgeridoo and vocals that originate from a place of devoted authenticity. Adding to the vocabulary are various drums and percussion, flutes and lyre which breathe life into the live looping techniques, audio effects and synthesizer textures.

Produced by ambient pioneer Steve Roach, this album is the premiere release on his new label, Soundquest Music. Steve’s unique atmospheric contributions add a soulful infusion to the album’s soundworld mythology.

As the listener embarks upon Inanna’s Dream, “Serpentine” and the title track set the course by way of a ceremonial opening, conjuring the spirits through elements such as didge drones, the mystic callings of clay and wooden flutes and frame drum resonations guided by Serena’s emotive vocals and chant incantations. Traveling on, “The Dunes of Solace” with its melodic harmonium woven tapestry and “Song of Sending” with its poignant wordless vocals reveal a universal sense of longing, reverie and reconciliation. At this point, “The Gazing Pool” appears in a mirage-like oasis, offering a tranquil alchemical combination of Steve’s radiant ambient guitar and synth atmospherics with the lustrous quality of Serena’s lyre. The closing track, “Changing Tides,” is a gorgeous electro acoustic slow flow of pure serenity and deep calm. Serena’s lilting harmonium and Nord Lead synth waves ebb and flow with Steve’s lush Oberheim orchestrations; this combination creates a unique and truly timeless space of boundless oceanic grace.

Inanna’s Dream is a dynamic radiant transmission celebrating the multifaceted richness of life in all of its exquisite beauty.