SEIGMEN Metropolis [re-issue] CD Digipack 2020

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Title: Metropolis [re-issue]
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 27.03.2020
Label: Karisma Records
Tracklist:         01. Metropolis
02. Regn
03. Slaver av Solen
04. Rød Himmel
05. Epilog
06. Bayon
07. Circus
08. Sort Disippel
09. Juvel
10. Nihil
11. Nemesis

Their absolut ‘breakthrough’ album! Led by the now legendary title track, both the album and single went gold almost immediately, and the band’s popularity flew through the roof seemingly overnight. Inspired by, amongst other things, Fritz Lang’s iconic movie of the same name, the album and following tours cemented Seigmen’s role as Norway’s biggest and best live band. The album has been long out of print! 11 classic tracks.


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