SECOND DECAY Musik macht schön! Live Zwischenfall 1999 CD Digipack 2020 LTD.500

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Musik macht schön! Live Zwischenfall 1999


CD Digipack
Limited handnumbered edition of 500 copies worldwide

Year: 23.10.2020
Label: Progress Productions
Tracklist:         01 Intro
02 Greatfull Vision
03 Close My Heart
04 A Kind of a Dream
05 Killing Desire
06 Hinter Glas
07 I'm leaving
08 I hate Berlin
09 Der Nerv
10 Kino
11 Für immer
12 Familiar
13 Ohne Dich
14 Lauf der Zeit
15 Media Twin
16 Land unter
17 Das steht Ihr gut
18 The Emerge
19 Born to be alive
20 Anders sein

On the 15th of October 1999, German synthpop duo Second Decay (Andreas Sippel and Christian Purwien) delivered a memorable Live-Show at legendary club Zwischenfall in Bochum/Germany. This recording from the mixingdesk has now been remastered and FINALLY it will see the light of day. This is Second Decay at their absolute peak performing ALL the hits and also their very appreciated covers of the Rheingold classic "Das steht Ihr gut" and Patrick Hernandez’ classic discohit "Born to be alive". This amazing liverecording should be considerd as a massive tribute to one of the best synthpop/NDW acts to ever come out of Germany. A must in every essential synthpop collection. And a fantastic time document!

Second Decay story: German electronic electro/NDW pioneers, Second Decay were formed by ChristianPurwien and Andreas Sippel in 1987. They hit the underground electro/synth dance scene with their 12" Killing Desire and then worked on their debut album “La Décadence Électronique” from 1988 to 1992. The album is full of addictive analogue electronics that combine synthetic sounds and constant rhythms with memorable vocals. Second Decay would continue to release albums "Taste" (1994) "The Nerve" (1995) and "Hotels (1999) before disbanding in 2002. They successfully toured many Times in the 90s, including some already ‘legendary’ live-gigs in Brazil and Mexico…

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