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SANS FIN Feuilles fanées CD Digipack 2023 HANDS

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Label: HANDS

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Title: Feuilles fanées

CD Digipack

Year: 26.05.2023
Label: Hands Productions
Tracklist:         01 Imprimer
02 Mademoiselle
03 Survol
04 Être Seul
05 Inciser
06 Sans Nuages
07 Contrôler
08 Surpression
09 Faire le Deuil
10 Être Seul (Greyhound Remix)
Info: SANS-FIN establishes himself as a HANDS regular with this, his third album for the label, and continues his foray into the bleaker departments of dance music: Expect a good hour of visceral industrial techno with a definite emphasis on the industrial side of things, nine all-new energetic tracks and a remix by label mates Greyhound.
Feuilles Fanées = Withered leaves, an appropriate reference for this album, which shrugs off the IDM-ish subtleties of earlier SANS-FIN works and goes straight from A to B, with carving beats, harrowing sounds and trembling bass lines.
And yet there is emotional ra(n)ge you will encounter within this claustrophobic experience: A heavy industrial track like “Être Seul” at least offers a short moment of – albeit bleak – atmosphere, “Inciser” carries a nod-along-melody, and “Faire Le Deuil” features both. The rest is all rhythm and noise, with a special focus on the bass drum, from piercingly firm kicks (“Mademoiselle”) to distorted thumps (“Sans Nuages”) . And the last word goes to HANDS veterans GREYHOUND, who (not surprisingly) render “Être Seul” even more intransigent and massive. Time to pick up the withered leaves!