SAFT Dansar med Satan CD 2022

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Title: Dansar med Satan
Format: CD
Year: 30.09.2022
Label: Progress Productions
Tracklist:         01 Tänk på mig
02 Din hemlighet
03 Kallt liv
04 Lever som död
05 Winterday (allt jag fick av dig)
06 Raka vägen (du och jag mot världen)
07 Känns som december
08 Dansar med satan
09 Glömma, ge och ta
10 Min maskin
Info: It’s time again for an ALL NEW album by Swedish synthpop legends SAFT! Since their debut-single in 1997, the band has built a big fanbase not only in Sweden but in several other countrys around the globe.
The new album "Dansar Med Satan" (Dancing with Satan) is probably the most personal work the band has presented to date. Even though it at times has a darker tone, they never leave their trademark sound of pure electronic popmusic, which made them so popular. Imagine the finest sonorities of the 80s mixed with modern sound of today – enhanced by a fantastic production.
With "Dansar med satan" Saft is ready to take the next step in their 25 years band-history. One of the strongest electronic pop albums released on Swedish soil ever! A must for EVERYONE that is looking for quality synthetic popmusic. On this new album you can clearly hear why Swedish synthpop is such a big thing.