RESISTOR Liebe über Alles CD 2024

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Title: Liebe über Alles
Format: CD
Year: 24.05.2024
Label: Scanner
Tracklist:         01 Measure of Power (Intro)
02 Time for Pleasure
03 Liebe über Alles
04 Obliterate
05 Minimos y Maximos
06 Esoico
07 Frente a Frente
08 Combustion
09 Reject My Heart
10 Desire and Silence
Info: Resistor is a Colombian Electronic Body Music (EBM) project with a unique blend of pulsating rhythms, strong basslines and raw energy. Resistor's newest chapter is set to unfold with the release of their third album, "Liebe  über Alles", on the renowned German label Scanner from Dark Dimensions Label Group. This ambitious project delves into the constant search of pleasure by the human nature as a form of love, and how pain is attached to it in consequence. "Liebe über Alles" promises to be the best album in the history of the band and will please all fans of REAL good old classic EBM! Resistor will play at the legendary German ‘Familientreffen’ Festival this year! (July 13)

Founded in 2011 by Leonardo Jaime, the project has evolved over the years, with Bryan Duarte joining in 2022 as the mastermind behind the live sequencing and drums. Resistor has crafted a sound that is both reminiscent of the Old School EBM era and distinctly their own. Resistor's debut EP, "Breathe”, released in 2015 via Black Leather Records, marked their arrival on the EBM scene. The EP featured remixes by renowned artists such as Xotox, The Horrorist, Delectro, and Equitant, garnering widespread acclaim from EBM enthusiasts worldwide. Their momentum continued with the release of their first full-length album, "Ice Cold Gold," in 2017. This album solidified their reputation as a force to be reckoned with, leading to international performances in Brazil, Mexico, and Peru.
In 2019, Resistor joined forces with the Italian label EK product. Their second album, "Driving Force" (2020) showcased their continued evolution and ability to captivate audiences. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, "Driving Force" made a significant impact in the digital realm, receiving positive reviews from specialized media and EBM enthusiasts alike.