REMINISCENCE Tomorrow’s Gone CD Digipack 2023

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Title: Tomorrow’s Gone
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 26.05.2023
Label: Equilibrium Mvsic
Tracklist:         01 In empty Spaces I [02:09]
02 I see you in empty Spaces [05:55]
03 The Search of somewhere in between [04:25]
04 A Sense of an Ending [05:51]
05 Tomorrow's gone [05:22]
06 Forests of Steel [04:10]
07 The Greatness of Hope [04:11]
08 Hearts on Hold [03:33]
09 In empty Spaces II [08:43]
Info: Thoughts from the past whisper in music... "Tomorrow's Gone" is the debut album by REMINISCENCE, a solo project by Ricardo Brito, founder of the Portuguese Dark / Neo- Folk band URZE DE LUME.
REMINISCENCE was born out of a personal need to explore new paths, revisiting through old guitars a past in which Rock and Metal became the vehicles which carried Ricardo on his first musical forays. The exploratory nature of the album feeds from Post-Rock, Black Metal and Shoegaze, as well as Ricardo's acoustic work, to deliver a work steeped in melancholy which brings to mind the moods of ALCEST or AGALLOCH.