STEVE ROACH New Life Dreaming CD Digipack 2005

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New Life Dreaming


CD Digipack

Year: 2005
Label: Timeroom Editions

1 Perfect Dream 15:52
2 Where I live 14:42
3 The Ancients’ Way 15:08
4 Deep Sky TIME 9:13
5 In the Eye of Noche 14:36
Total time 69:25


From the first chord of “Perfect Dream” to the final fade of “In the Eye Of Noche,” New Life Dreaming presents an unbroken feeling of connection to essential meditations found on Dreamtime Return, Quiet Music and Structures From Silence. All of these pieces were created during late 2004 and 2005. The process of remastering Dreamtime Return helped open the door into that timeless place found in Steve’s most appreciated works. New Life Dreaming represents an essential chapter in the book of quiet, nourishing and graceful sound paintings.

“The desire to tap into the soundcurrent from which the Dreamtime music was drawn just seemed inevitable after the remastering process started in December of last year. It’s a living, breathing, space for me which has continued to flow down deep over the years. As I re-opened the door to this dreamtime space, the creative urges and subtle cues to follow the trail deeper was immediately reinforced by several new pieces which feel directly connected to this indescribable quality. These new pieces just flowed out. There was no big agenda, concept or sense of obligation to make them feel like they belonged on the Dreamtime Return discs. All the pieces came from a calm space, just letting things breathe and not being in any hurry to go anywhere. Now that they are complete, I feel the pieces speak of the subtle blooms that occur in the heart and mind when you slow it all down.”