STEVE ROACH / Loren Nerell Terraform (reissue) CD 2006

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STEVE ROACH / Loren Nerell

Terraform (reissue)



Year: 2006
Label: Projekt
Tracklist:         1 Cavity Of Liquids  18:32
2 Ecopoiesis  14:24
3 Texture Wall  28:03
4 Paraterra  12:47

A budget-priced reissue of this 2006 collaborative album from Steve Roach and Loren Nerell. Terraform emerged from their mutual desire to create an organic, surreal and deeply ambient environment of languorous humid soundscape environments. Through a labyrinth of studio techniques, a kind of audio terraforming was developed. Heavily textured and mood altering, the long uninterrupted flow seemingly slows time down by way of the surreal dark ambient soundforms found in much of Roach’s work. Nerell brings the steamy, evanescent blend of his mutated Indonesian sources, a signature sound that defines his previous releases for Amplexus, Side Effects and Soleilmoon.

Vivid ecosystems of sound abound on this field recording of the mind. Drones, liquid resonances and soothing walls of sound wash over the listener. This abstract sound painting includes hints of crickets, sounds vaguely suggestive of water, and deep otherworldly echoes. There is no melody, no rhythm; the feeling is cool, relaxed, and yet in the darkness there is warmth as well. The worlds Nerell and Roach have built do not exist on any map; their impact goes well beyond what can merely be perceived with one’s ears.

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