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Sounds From The Matrix 21


Promo CD

Year: 2020
Label: alfa matrix
Tracklist:         01. CIRCUMPOLAR . we will remain (second seal)
02. SYNAPSYCHE. who the fuck are you now
03. HELALYN FLOWERS . suicidal birds
04. AVARICE IN AUDIO . lolita express
05. AESTHETISCHE feat. Sascha Klein . barking up the wrong tree (radio edit)
06. NEUROACTIVE . night flights (anti-collision mix)
07. PSY’AVIAH feat. Mari Kattman . searching (J. WOLFF’s radio edit)
08. 808 DOT POP . blackbodies (pulsation)
09. MENTAL EXILE . from the dark
10. IMJUDAS . apostatik
11. ENTRZELLE . feeling heavy these days (club edit)
12. LLUMEN . lifeline (shibari mix)
13. FIRST AID 4 SOULS . phrase fractal
14. KANT KINO . temptation raw
15. AD:KEY . der letzte tanz (single edit)
16. ELM . thoughtcrime
17. POUPPEE FABRIKK . only control
18. NEIKKA RPM. No flow
19. ACYLUM . fire

This is a label compilation featuring some 19 Alfa Matrix artists mixing hot tracks of the moment and offering some exclusive previews of new songs taken from forthcoming releases coming out later this year… Enjoy the amazing sonic diversity from the matrix.

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