PORTION CONTROL Seed Compiled LIMITED 2CD Digipack 2021

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Seed Compiled


2CD Digipack
Limited Edition

Year: 09.04.2021
Label: Progress Productions

CD1 (Seed EP1 + Seed EP2)
01 Telekinesis.V2 
02 Crystal 
03 White Rose 
04 Martial
05 Revealation 
06 Gloat 
07 Seek 
08 Realm 
09 Devour

CD2 (Seed EP3)
01 Possession 
02 Traitor 
03 Move
*Short range series*
04 West 
05 Hold 
06 Order 
07 HateMe 
08 Cured 
09 PK01
10 Scorn 
11 Still 
12 Unwanted 
13 Chain (Short-Range Long Form, 19’15’’)


"Seed Compiled" brings all tracks from three digital-only EPs, released between 2020 and 2021, together on 2 CDs for the first time in a physical format! This trilogy of hard hitting, simply crushing, beat-driven electronic music will hit you right in the guts. Its uncompromising and raw brutality is almost like a mirror of society over the past year with lockdowns/isolation and frustration. “Seed Compiled” with its totally 22 Tracks (!) and over 2 hours length comes at you in full force. Portion Control themselves need no further introduction as true legends in the industrial/electronic scene, active since 1980. Portion Control has been a huge source of inspiration for acts like Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly just to name a few. With "Seed Compiled" they show that today, 40+ years after they formed, are still a vital and driving power within the industrial/electronic scene.

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