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PHASENMENSCH Haunted [The Gentle Indifference of the World] CD Digipack 2019 HANDS

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Label: HANDS

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Haunted [The Gentle Indifference of the World]


CD Digipack

Year: 12.07.2019
Label: Hands Productions

01 The first Flame
02 Transzendenz
03 The Day before [Album Version]
04 Mind Tensions
05 The Process of Becoming
06 Erase the accumulated Past
07 A State beyond Time
08 Unscheduled Wandering [feat. Ein Profil]
09 Discipline and Trust
10 A black Sky [with no Stars]
11 The Prospect of Vanishing [feat. Ine-San]
12 Assimilation of the Devil in Ourselves [feat. Ein Profil]


To celebrate 10 years of his musical brainchild Phasenmensch, Wolfram Bange graces us with his arguably darkest, and definitely most coherent album yet. „Haunted“ deals with personal demons, anxieties and hopes that determine the individual’s state of being. Musically, this album travels from trademark fragile electronica over different expressions of harshness into an eerie void. Support comes from Phasenmensch associates “Ein Profil” and “Ine-San”, who have contributed sounds to one/two tracks respectively. Prepare for a good hour walk alongside the abyss!

“Haunted” is a true concept album with a clear-cut storyline: The opener “First Flame” sets the melancholic mood; tracks like “Transzendenz” or “The Day before” with their downbeat rhythms and sonic depth make recourse to his fragile 2014 masterpiece “Entschleunigungsprozesse”. Quite soon, things take a more upfront direction, with the technoflavoured “The process of becoming” or the rhythm’n’noise-structure of “Erase the accumulated past. “A State beyond time” surprises with prominent guitar lines, before “Unscheduled Wandering” pushes open the door into doomed territory. “Discipline and trust” throbs with dark ambience just like the closing title “Assimilation of the devil in ourselves”, and even the quirky rhythms of “A black sky” surely can’t chase away the clouds anymore. Delivered with confidence, every sound and every sample on-spot, “Haunted” shows Phasenmensch in excellent shape, a producer with his own handwriting and vision!


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