PANKOW Never trust a White Man [+4 bonus tracks] CD Digipack 2021

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Title: Never trust a White Man
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 17.09.2021
Label: Contempo Records
Tracklist:         01 Universal Kuntz
02 Asylum
03 Ataraxia
04 Minima Immoralia
05 Almost cut My Dick
06 Ecocalypse
07 Blockupy [2021 Remix]
08 Nowhere
09 Damaged
10 Don’t fall in Love with Death
11 Der Leiermann [C230 Remix]
12 Dona Nobis Pacem

+ Tracks from Tempo228 EP:
13 Australia is burning
14 There’s no such Thing as Past or Future
15 Don’t fall in Love with Death [Nobd]
16 By this River
Info: Originally planned for a July 17 release to coincide with Record Store Day, but several times postponed for a few weeks due to various technical problems, is the all new Pankow album, “Never trust a white man”  - their first new album since their previous (double-) album on Out of Line ‘And Shun…’ [2013].

“Never trust a white man” has been written and recorded by FM (aka Maurizio Fasolo) and Pankow’s original singer Alex Spalck in Melbourne/Australia at Rosanna Studio and Daylesford at The Oak House Studio between 2016 and 2020. It was mixed and mastered in Firenze (Italy) at SSS Lola Studio in 2021.

It’s heartless music.
Soulless music.
All guts, no glory.
It’s music that fl ies low, stays low and hits you where the sun don’t shine...
Music that waits for you in a dark corner and knocks you out cold...
Music that likes to subvert and tear apart, that wants to storm the Palace and execute kings and queens, servants and concubines...
Music for trench warfare, for killing fi elds, for disorganised retreats...
Music for people who are losing, who have lost and for losers of all descriptions...
Music for people whose time has passed...or has never come...
Music you can’t trust...made by people you can’t trust...
Never Trust A White Man.
alex spalck / fm / er / bram declercq
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