OPERA MULTI STEEL A Contresens CD Digipack 2024

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Title: A Contresens
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 31.05.2024
Label: Wave Records
Tracklist:         01 Les Grands Orchestres
02 Les Sens
03 Prométhée
04 A Contresens
05 Las
06 Paulette à la Plage
07 J.I'Aveugle
08 Oraisons Minimes
Info: Re-release of one of the most sought after OMS rarity! Originally released as a self production, on their own label Orcadia Machina in 1988, “A Contresens” is the band’s second album, successor to the legendary “Cathédrale” released three years before.
A Contresens is undoubtedly, in hindsight, the band’s «weirdest» album. Its title (in English something like “in the wrong way”...) was already sounding like a confession. Undoubtedly, OMS members had perhaps the inside feeling of being creating something very different from what could be done in those times in the musical alternative environment.
The music explores some paradoxical and varied paths borrowing from new wave, medieval music, folk... The instruments used are also very diverse, both electronic and acoustic: keyboards, drum machines, guitars, hyper-flanged bass, dulcimer, psaltery, recorders... giving the arrangements of the eight tracks on the album a heterogeneous and disconcerting aspect. Like the monk who barely tries to kill himself with his ax on the album’s cover, this record was, a posteriori, most certainly expected as a kind of « commercial suicide »!
“A Contresens” had not been re-released for more than twenty years. This double vinyl and cd reissue is therefore an opportunity to rediscover this very special period in the history of Opéra Multi Steel.
The vinyl and the cd are delivered in an artwork revisited by Hernan Czauski based on the original illustrations. Both versions contain the entire lyrics of the album.