OHNE NOMEN Nightflower CD Digipack 2021

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CD Digipack

Year: 26.03.2021
Label: Cold Transmission
Tracklist:         01 The Fire within 
02 Isthar 
03 Fell [Nightflower Remix] 
04 Feel the Breath 
05 City of the Dead
06 Alice in the Moonlight 
07 Dance of Death 
08 Creatures of the Night 
09 The Call
10 The Fire within [Loberg Dark Disco Remix]

Ohne Nomen - no name for the creatures of the night - Do you know when a dress worn for over 10 years is now worn out? It starts to stay wide and torn. And it’s time to change and wear a brand new dress and go out in the world! This is what happened to Marlat, well known Italian dark wave band. And this is why Ohne Nomen were born. O.N manifesto is an electronic dark sound that collects dark wave, electro wave and a bit of EBM sound embroiled by occult and magic lyrics for a genre that the like to call ‘witch wave’. The first O.N album ‘Nightflower‘ is literally a trip into the night where you can meet all the creatures who live in the darkness. O.N is a project or a music collective lead by Fra ‘AngeNoir’ Marlat and Filippo Marlat (iamnoone). The lyrics are written by Stephan Seth (iamnoone).

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