OF THE WAND AND THE MOON Tunes for a Twilight Tears for a Lifetime LP PICTURE VINYL 2021

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Tunes for a Twilight Tears for a Lifetime

Format: Picture disc vinyl comes within a thick PVC picture disc sleeve and sticker.
Year: 2021
Label: heidrunar myrkrunar

A1 A Tomb of Seasoned Dye 
A2 Hail Hail Hail 
A3 Shine Black Algiz 
A4 I crave for You
A5 Immer Vorwärts 
A6 Hold My Hand

B1 Lucifer 
B2 Sunspot 
B3 We are Dust 
B4 Here's an Ode 
B5 Lost in Emptiness
B6 Wonderful Wonderful Sun

Info: This release was originally conjured for the Operation Equinox US tour 2016 and portrays a more intimate version and live feel of songs. First released by Brave Mysteries on cassette tape in the US and later on by Tesco in the EU. The 2 versions of the tape featured different songs. On this vinyl release all songs from the tapes have been compiled, formerly released on black and bronze vinyl in 2017.
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