NUMB Mortal Geometry LIMITED LP VINYL 2019

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Mortal Geometry

Format: LP Vinyl
Limited Edition
Year: 23.08.2019
Label: Metropolis

A1 Redact  
A2 Hush  
A3 The Waiting Room  
A4 How it ends

B1 Complicit Silence  
B2 Shadow Play  
B3 When Gravity fails


A legend returns!

One of the most talented acts in the burgeoning electro-industrial wave of the late 80s & 90s: NUMB – unexpectedly returns triumphant with an all new Album!!! Numb’s Don Gordon has long been known for his singular talent in arrangement & sound design. Mortal Geometry has this on full display, with trance elements, ambient interludes & seething dark EBM. A masterful blend of atmospherics, electronics & angst!

NUMB is the influential and highly regarded musical project of mastermind Don Gordon who managed to create a unique, atmospheric and dense electro/industrial sound interspersed with angst, darkness and end time paranoia. Over the years - alongside artists like Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly - made Canada's west coast prime address for hard industrial electronics, defining to a similar degree the distinuished "Vancouver Sound". Before starting Numb, at the beginning of the eighties Don was initially playing in Images In Vogue, a Canadian new wave / synth pop six-piece with a major deal, together with Kevin Crompton aka cEvin Key who later went on to form Skinny Puppy.