NNHMN Circle of Doom LIMITED CD Digipack

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Title: Circle of Doom
Format: CD Digipack
Limited Edition of 300 copies
Year: 28.07.2023
Label: K-Dreams
Tracklist:         01 Hungrige Liebe [04:39]
02 Gloomy Heart [04:21]
03 Soldier of Beauty [05:00]
04 NRL [04:23]
05 Tiger [03:19]
06 Lush Longing [03:54]
07 Schizophrenic Vitamine [03:42]
08 Unreal [04:06]
Info: The newest 8-track album by NNHMN (NON-HUMAN)! The German, Berlin-based electro superstars NNHMN’s latest album mirrors the state of the world we are living in. The album encapsulates eight existential tracks for the modern body music lover - body music – for the contemporary listener that is not necessarily drowned in the faraway past only, who is aware of electronic music genres that are flourishing in the world right now.