MOTOR!K MOTOR!K MC TAPE 2019 LTD.150 (Dive, The Klinik, Absolute Body Control)

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MC (Musikkassette / Tape)
Limitiert auf 150 Stück

Year: 19.04.2019
Label: Wool E Discs

01 Static [07:59]  
02 Sliding [06:20]  
03 Colder [04:05]
04 Stellar [06:02]  
05 Neutrinos [04:58]  
06 Static (Reprise) [05:34]

Info: MOTOR!K is Dirk Ivens (Dive, The Klinik, Absolute Body Control) on Guitar & Effects, Joeri Dobbeleir (The Whereabouts Of J Albert, Suburb Songs) on Guitar & Synths and Dries D'Hollander (Suburb Songs) on drums. Stepping out of their comfort zone and leaving their musical habitat these three key-members challenge new experimental fields inspired by the Krautrock movement from the 70's with an updated touch. Step into their world and let them take you by surprise. After some small try-outs and a releaseparty MOTOR!K presented themselves for the big crowd for the first time at the OUT Of LINE Weekender Festival in Berlin! This tape, limited to 150 copies, presents you six songs with a firm foot in the 70's Showcasing the roots of modern EBM & electronics.


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