NEST Fabled Lore / Hidden Stream CD Digipack 2024

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Title: Fabled Lore / Hidden Stream
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 07.06.2024
Label: Avantgarde
Tracklist:         01 Land behind the Mist 
02 Mink Twins 
03 The Elk King’s Daughter 
04 An Oaken Citadel
05 Enchantment for Few 
06 Hideout 
07 Harbinger of a Great Winter 
08 Land Behind the Mist
09 An Oaken Citadel [II]
Info: Remastered and joined together in a single release, the first two Nest EPs from 2000 and 2003, deleted for ages, see the light again! Nest is an atmospheric folk / acoustic group from Finland, formed in 1999, mainly focusing on the use of the Kantele, a traditional Finnish instrument. The project, led by multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Aslak Tolonen, has always kept a shy behaviour, releasing three studio albums along the quarter of a century and playing selected live gigs.