XOTOX Die Unruhe 2.0 CD 2010

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Title: Die Unruhe 2.0
Format: CD
Year: 26.03.2010
Label: ProNoize
Tracklist:         01 mechanische unruhe
02 nasse wände
03 minuszeit
04 pumpe/düse
05 stammzellenforschung
06 paderborn
07 gottlos
08 dunkelheit
09 you can’t hurt me
10 the punisher
Info: Often imitated but never equalled... the return of the original!
In 2004 „die unruhe“ sold out before its actual release date just on account of pre-orders. Meanwhile hits like „mechanische Unruhe”, “Nasse Wände” as well as the apocalyptic “Dunkelheit” have achieved cult status. Even 6 years after their original release these tracks remain guaranteed dancefloor fillers which proves once more xotox´ sure sense for the right mix of harshness, dance-ability and intelligent songstructures. With the release of „die unruhe“ xotox established his brand of „industrial for hyperactive people“ on dancefloors worldwide. „die unruhe 2.0“ contains all original tracks plus two previously unreleased tracks with „you can´t hurt me“ and „the punisher“, which stem from the same session – all re-mastered by X-Fusion Music Production.
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