WEEP 6 Interpretations MCD 2010

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Title: 6 Interpretations
Format: MCD (Maxi CD) im Pappschuber
Year: 2010
Label: Projekt

1  Lay There & Drown (Salvation Mix)  4:35
2  Snow Scenery (Party Mix)  4:03
3  When I'm Wrong (Newer Wave Mix)  5:00
4  A Reminder (Funhouse Mix)  4:35
5  The Hole (Club Mix)  3:35
6  The Weep (Prom Theme)  5:08


What started out as a band tinkering around with the idea with making a dance mix for a New York club night, has turned into this unique collection of unrequested and unprecedented songs.

“I had no idea that this would work as well as it did. I mean, we’re not a huge fans of dance music. I guess that’s what made us want to do this; a rock band that loves the old Tommy Boy Records sound, and loves old Depeche Mode and stuff like that are probably the best candidates for making a unique dance recording. Ya know? We got nothing to lose! Nobody expects us to do this…” says leader, Doc Hammer.

Each song has been completely rerecorded into a dance (or lumbering New Wave, or sentimental prom theme) interpretation of the original track from both WORN THIN and NEVER EVER. Unlike most “remix” CD’s, 6 INTERPRETATIONS was created by the band that recorded the original songs, therefore, this collection is more than a bunch of songs that have a louder snare drum, and an extended chorus . It’s a wacky little concept CD of intentionally dated and sometimes hilariously accurate dance rhythms, and feel-good grooves of a time when the 12″ Club Mix ruled the dance floor.

A must for Weep collectors, DJ’s that are tired of the same old thing, and people that love to annoy their neighbors with really loud dance music.

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