STEVE ROACH Empetus (Collector's Edition) CD Digipack 2017

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Empetus (Collector's Edition)

Format: CD Digipack
Year: 2017
Label: Projekt
Tracklist:         1. Arrival 04:25
2. Seeking 05:36
3. Conquest 06:08
4. Empowerment 04:01
5. Twilight Heat 03:15
6. Merge 06:24
7. Urge 06:25
8. Distance is Near 02:42
9. The Memory 05:51

The 30th anniversary edition. This electronic classic is back in print, reissued in digipack with original artwork.

This is the 1986 9-track album, on one CD.

Get the digital only bonus tracks, The Early Years for free at Steve Roach’s Bandcamp page. Or get it as part of the deluxe digital download at Projekt’s Bandcamp page

Roach’s 5th solo album features sophisticated, energetic sequencer music, similar to his earlier Now and Traveler, ending with a haunting, melodic piece, “The Memory,” more akin to his floating ambient work of the period. Empetus‘ full blown sequencer-based music illustrating a further evolution in the visceral side of Roach’s music. Nine precise pieces that still sound fresh today. A favorite of sequencer music lovers.

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