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Title: Das Mausoleum + Die Krypta
Format: 2CD BOX
Limited Edition
Year: 26.03.2010
Label: alfa matrix
Tracklist:         01 Sterbelied
02 Die eine Klage
03 Nähe des Geliebten [anno MMX]
04 Die Gunst des Augenblicks
05 Das Mandat
06 Verzweiflung
07 Das Gewitter
08 Bei der Nacht
09 Der gute Kamerad
10 Wehmut

CD2 ‘Die Krypta’
01 Der Abschied [Desolat remix durch Misery]
02 Das Mandat [Essenz remix durch Psy’Aviah]
03 Die eine Klage [Schmerz remix durch NG-PRO]
04 Sterbelied [Staub zu Staub remix durch Contrast]
05 Das Gewitter [Sturmwind remix durch Deadcell]
06 Die eine Klage [Ärgernis remix durch Freakangel]
07 Sterbelied [Angèlika Orchester version durch Carsten Altena]
08 Wehmut [Seren Orchester version durch Carsten Altena]
09 Muss es eine Trennung geben [Vorlaut remix durch Makaak]
Info: Often described as one of the most promising talents signed by Alfa Matrix in 2009, the Dutch act SCHWARZBLUT now delivers its impressive follow-up album to last year's “Sehlenwolf” EP.
“Das Mausoleum”, a 10-track album reveals the rich artistic versatility and mature song-writing potential of SCHWARZBLUT who blend romantic melancholic Weimar poetry with danceable dark electronic music. An eclectic style diversity that accentuates a beautiful duality between male and female vocalists. With the rich depth of an artistic touch, SCHWARZBLUT covers such a wide musical range that they have been compared to bands as diverse as QNTAL, VNV NATION or yet SKINNY PUPPY! SCHWARZBLUT surprises the listener by mixing pounding electro rhythms, harmonic choirs, distorted vocals, cutting leads, grandiloquent orchestras, dark romanticism and German lyrical poetry from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich von Schiller and Karoline von Günderrode...
From the pillars of pounding EBM/industrial of tracks like “Das Mandat” and “Sterbelied”, to lush orchestral bombastic arrangements of songs like “Nähe des Geliebten” and “Bei der Nacht”, through more experimental ambient elector pieces, SCHWARZBLUT shines on all levels. “Das Mausoleum” is a chef d’oeuvre that comes strongly recommended for fans of German speaking dark artists from GOETHES ERBEN to DAS ICH to BLUTENGEL, PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE and HEIMATAERDE…

The album is also released in a limited deluxe carton box edition with the bonus “Die Krypta” CD featuring remixes by bands like MISERY, PSY’AVIAH, NG-PRO, CONTRAST, DEADCELL, FREAKANGEL, Carsten Altena and MAKAAK.