PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 Eternal Masters 2: Anthropophagic Retaliation LIMITED CD

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Eternal Masters 2: Anthropophagic Retaliation


Special clear substrate [sempi-transparent] CD in card wallet.

Year: 2018
Label: Digital World Audio

01 vs Red Harvest - Retaliation of the Sovereign
02 vs Nightrage - Anthropophagus (Cannibal's Limbo)
03 vs Raubtier - Retaliation of the Sovereign
04 vs Black Altar - Anthropophagus (Industrial Black Metal Version)
05 Lyfthrasyr - The Arrival / Retaliation of the Sovereign


PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 return to the metal side of their songwriting with 5-track EP “Eternal Masters 2: Anthropophagic Retaliation” - surely the hardest-hitting music they have ever made, and made up like the original “Eternal Masters” mini-album before it of alternate versions of tracks each recorded in collaboration with acts from the extreme metal scene! Reaching right back to their pre-DWA days, “Anthropophagus” (from “Epos V”) is resurrected hot on the heels of their hit album “The Venomous” with the assistance of NIGHTRAGE – the Sweden-based Melodic Death Metal band founded by guitarists Marios Iliopoulos and Gus G (OZZY OSBOURNE) - while the original made with cult Polish Black Metallers BLACK ALTAR is reanimated in an “Industrial Black Metal Version”. Brand new song “Retaliation of the Sovereign” comes in 2 dramatically different drafts courtesy of RED HARVEST (the legendary Norwegian band who basically created Industrial Death Metal, in their first new recording since 2010!) and RAUBTIER (the most popular Industrial Metal band that ever found mainstream success in their home country of Sweden) – before being completely deconstructed and covered by Germany-based LYFTHRASYR (who even added their own intro “The Arrival”) with live drumming from Nefastus, former drummer of BELPHEGOR!

“Eternal Masters 2”: blacker, bleaker, bloodier… Twin twisted tales of vengeance, as musically merciless as the stories themselves, told with top-notch collaborators from around the world! And the disc itself comes on the rare and visually-arresting clear substrate CD format – where the transparency of the outer third of the disc allows for intriguing artistic effects.

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