MIRABILIS Pleiades CD 2008

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Title: Pleiades
Format: CD
Year: 2008
Label: Projekt

1  Pleiades  1:26
2  In The Dark  2:10
3  Weep, O Mine Eyes 2:11
4  Moon 2:03
5  Haunted  4:50
6  Hide Away  3:35
7  Libera Me 3:20
8  Riu Riu Chiu 2:51
9  O Virga Ac Diadema 3:16
10  Invocation Of The Sun 5:34
11  Scarborough Fair 5:39
12  Tears 1:17
13  Ripple  4:15
14  Nox Nervosa 4:03
15  Mysterium 3:40
16  An Epitaph  2:09
17  Pleiades (Reprise)  2:41


The 2004 neo-classical / heavenly voices debut from Mirabilis.

“Beautiful vocals were expected from Mirabilis, but far beyond that, they combine intuition, scholarship, and inspired talent. Bravo!” – Gothic Beauty Magazine

Pleiades is a collaboration between Summer Bowman of The Machine in the Garden and Dru Allen of This Ascension. Pleiades contains original compositions as well as interpretations of traditional pieces stretching back to the 16 th century. Mixing a cappella, neo-classical and darkwave instrumentation, the songs blend together the beautiful voices of Summer and Dru as well as guest vocalists Regeana Morris from The Changelings, Katy Belle and Rebecca Colleen Miller.

Pleiades opens and closes with a ghostly choir evoking the two sisters on the album cover. “In the Dark” leads with its tribal rhythm and background chant of ‘In the dark I see clearly’. “Weep, O Mine Eyes” is a beautiful a cappella love song written by John Bennet (16 th century). “Haunted” is an ethereal wail from beyond the veil. “Riu Riu Chiu” is a traditional Spanish song that showcases the harmonies of the vocalists as well as many tracks in Latin such as “Libera Me” and “Mysterium” (lead vocal Rebecca Colleen Miller). “Invocation of the Sun” by the poet William Drummond shines with lead vocals by Katy Belle. The Changelings’ Regeana Morris laments on the ballad Ripple. A more classical interpretation is rendered on “Scarborough Fair” while sorrowful keys back up the funeral lay of “An Epitaph” made hopeful by the lead vocal of Dru and Summer.

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