LUX INTERNA a lantern carried in blood and skin CD Digipack 2008

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Title: a lantern carried in blood and skin
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 2008
Label: Projekt

1  Horizon 6:21
2  Into Nothing (Blackwatersong)  5:23
3  Fallen  6:59
4  For An Autumn Girl  4:42
5  Flowers Under Glass  6:08
6  Your Lily White Hands 5:20
7  A Season Apart  8:16
8  Blossoms 6:11
9  Lange Mußt Du Leiden 6:29
10  Distance  6:28


An introduction to the musical and mystical journey of this neo folk act.

Lux Interna: the innermost light – an esoteric term that carries intonations of Gnosticism describes the nature of Lux Interna’s music very aptly. Singer/songwriter Joshua Levi Ian Gentzke founded the group some ten years ago as an outlet for folk-inspired songs with demanding lyrics revolving around mystical topics of an existential nature. The voice of this music bespeaks a Blakean quest for the divine within this world. He is aided and abetted in this quest by his co-conspirators, Kathryn Gentzke, Katherine Trimble, Kevin Sweet, and Shane Hallinan, all adding vocal, visual and musical textures to the songs.

Lux Interna have frequently been compared to artists such as Current 93, Backworld, Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave. This rings true, however, not in terms of imitation, but rather in the sense of a shared spiritual and aesthetic kinship. Musically one can expect a deep, passionate male voice and a soothing, sometimes ghost-like female vocal, woven into well-crafted songs arranged for acoustic guitars, cello, keyboards, and dulcimers. Over the course of four studio releases and a row of concerts (mainly in Europe), Lux Interna has emerged as one of the most original and essential ensembles of the Dark Folk genre, although the sheer quality of their music surpasses any clichéd niches.


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