Love Spirals Downwards: Suzanne Perry’s MELODYGUILD side-project Aitu CD

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Love Spirals Downwards: Suzanne Perry’s MELODYGUILD side-project
Title: Aitu
Format: CD Digipack
Year: 2008
Label: Projekt

1  Panamint  5:16
2  Accomplice  3:51
3  Flicker  5:32
4  Un Parallel  7:44


Suzanne Perry – the vocalist for Love Spirals Downwards – returns with her first new collection of work in almost a decade. Fronting the driving shoegazer / dream-pop quartet Melodyguild, her always fluid and enchanting vocals take on new power and depth. A must for lovers of Tearwave, Mira, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Autumn’s Grey Solace and of course, Love Spirals Downwards.

It begins with Suzanne Perry, angel-voiced singer from the successful ethereal duo Love Spirals Downwards. Her vocals set the tone for the rest of the band, while her ability to elicit emotion connects Melodyguild to its audience. It continues with Nicholas Pallos, who brings to the band his unique, personal drumming style and knowledge of multiple instruments, adding a gentle intensity to the mix. Next is Cris Miller, who contributes his proficiency in production, transforming musical ideas into full arrays of melody, further completing the vision Melodyguild sets out to achieve. Matt Gleason adds lush guitar and effects, both of which fuel the band’s beautiful tone. And finally, Rodney Rodriguez deftly secures the link between rhythm and melody on bass.

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